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Welcome to TopwholesaleTown wholesale mall, we offer replica brand name handbags, wallets,shoes, clothe, belts, sunglasses, caps, jewelry and other full range of products for your purchase.
If your are order from our site first time, please browse following specific steps shopping and 
Frequently Asked Questions and other info. on our home page bottom section,Then you can place order by shopping cart, when you Complete your order, You will get your order number, please remember and save your order number, it very can use your order nuber to checking the order process.

Free to Join,Easy to Order,No Minimum Orders,Free shipping on orders 6 quantity and more(including 6 quantity), our system will show up $0 shiping cost.

we are wholesaler, all are wholesale price on site.If your are order from our site first time, we suggest that you can place a little order(for example:for example: mix and match 6 items,it is little order, and can get free shipping) to confirm Product Quality,shipping,Site Security,payment Security and other.When you are satisfied with the products quality and our services,then place new orders to wholesale from our site

 If you want to know the specific steps shopping , please visit the following.

1.Browse Items

You can browse the left side of the home page classification,also browse by clicking on the product page of recommended products
Product Details
Search for relevant products , click on entering the detail page of goods. On this page you can view the prices of commodities , the product description . In addition, participation in product reviews for this commodity scores with other users to exchange purchase experience , when you click on the product picture , you can see the big picture

2.Add to Shopping Cart
Selection of  products ,click " Add to Cart" in the Product Details page to add the products into your cart,then click " continue shopping"to continue browsing other itmes to add all your order items to your shopping cart.
Tips: if product have many size,please select the select the size,then add it to it to shopping cart.

3.Use the shopping cart
Into the shopping cart page, you can cart the following:
( 1 ) modify the number of commodities
( 2 ) modify the size of commodities
( 3 ) delete item
( 4 ) Empty Cart
( 5 ) Moved the goods from shopping cart into favorites

If  you not "check out" and get order number,When you leave our website , order list of your "shopping cart" will not be retained , the order list will be automatically cleared.If you want keep your order list, you can click "add to wish list" to add order list to My Favorite ,on next time, you can find it from your "My Favorite"

4.Register and Login

( 1 ) If you have acount on our site , please enter directly username and password to log in
( 2 ) If  you are a new client, you can register accounts in two ways:register an account from the top of the page " sign up "  or registered in the ordering process.
①New account registration is successful, you can complete personal information, or  log "My account" view account information
Registered in the ordering process, you can click"Proceed to check out" to Register your account. 
Tips:If you don't want to register an account? Just proceed with purchase. you can Checkout As Guest >>

5.Confirm Order
(1) Consignee information
When fill in the consignee information, be sure to fill in the right full name and delivery address , so that you can receive the goods in a timely 
(2) Please select a shipping option
Please select a payment option.

6.Orders submitted
In the " check order and confirmation " page , you need to check following information:delivery details ( including shipping address , shipping method,  product information ) , payment details and order price ( including commodity prices and Shipment ) , confirm and click "continue check out" .
when order  submitted, the page will prompt order number. Your order is your willingness to buy products on our website, we will send you an order confirmation via e-mail . This order confirmation only confirm that we have received your order,

(1)When you get  your order confirmation via e-mail from us, you can send out your payment  according to information by our email. then email the your payment  info(mtcn# ,ref# or other) to our email.
Only when we receive your payment , and send you a confirmation email , The ordering contract just establishment between you and us .
All order settled in US dollars,other 
currencies only as a reference.
(2) Documents against payment,the order is successful,we will email to confirmation of orders estimated shipping time,orders estimated shipping time calculated from your payment arrive.
8.Modify Order
(1) Modify Order rules

  • If you have placed an order and would like to Modify Order later, 
      • please contact our customer service representative 

    and send email
     Detailed information 
    to us 
      • as soon as possible.  
     then we will confirmation and Modify order,and email to you confirmation it.
    • But if your order has been dispatched, we will have no way to Modify it.
(2) Modify the order content
You can add or remove items in the order,Modify the delivery address , delivery methods, payment methods.
If you modify the products price is lower than the current price , it will be calculated according to the current price of the product ; if the current price is higher than the price of goods it you submit on your order, we will press this product current prices .We will email you to confirm ,
Unmodified products, whether the current price changes or no , the price and quantity are in accordance with the purchase that you submit your order 
Important note
① After you complete your order changes,  only orders have been issued to you confirm through e-mail , purchase contract just establishment between you and us. 
 because Return difference is 
troubling,if order have been paid, and order total is lower the payment, we only can return the different on your next order. 

9.Prepare goods and packaging
Once we get payment, we will Preparing goods and packaging within 12-48 hours, if have any question for orders, we will email to clients to know.

10.ship order
Your order is usually dispatched within 12-48 hours when your payment is received. 
Orders usually ships within 12-48 hours,we have send out all order together on 24:00 china time each day. once your order has been shipped, an e-mail with tracking number will be sent to your contact e-mail within the next 12 hours,We will deliver your order by Parcel Force - Worldwide Express Mail Service (Online Tracking). Deliveries usually take 4~7 working days(USA) to arrive(other country Deliveries time please check from Shipping Guide).It will indicate which carrier was used and a method of tracking the order to your door. You may receive several shipments to complete the fulfillment of your order.

Orders may be delayed or cannot be sent out for the following reasons:

(1) Wrong or unspecific address. (we will email to you for correct the shipping address)

(2) Order is pending a credit card approval and verification.

(3) A product is currently out of stock.  (email to client for select replacement on 24 hours when the payment arrived)

(4) An order requires special customization. (email to client know on 24 hours)

(5) An order is shipped to a special location.


We need you to provide us a detailed shipping address. Please bear in mind that the address you provide must be the right and detailed one, otherwise, we are not responsible for the failed shipping(the seller’s responsibility for fees). All our parcels need a signature after you get your parcel.Please remember to sign your name after you get your parcel. If your address is P.O. Box address,the package delivered to your P.O. Box,By default you 've completed the sign for.    

Having trouble in tracking your order?

If you hit upon any questions or problems in the process of tracking your order, please feel free to contact us via our live chat support or online e-mail.

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